June 21, 2013

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New Stock at the Recycling Center!

Onyx (#1)

"I sure hope you messy people are doing your part to keep Aethria clean! If you need some enticement, I suppose I can part with some trinkets, khim totem stones (don't tell Aryx) and these trifling items I came across in my travels. What? Yes, I travel. There's no biscotti like the biscotti from the Tea Shoppe at the Center of the Universe (but don't tell Onyx I said that)! You'd better hurry up though, because I only have about a six week supply of items. You can find me at the Recycling Center on Khimeros Caldera. Bring lots of trash, because you'll need 5 pieces of each type to get a reward!"


The Official Site Advertising Contest Ending Soon

Tainted1 (#6)

We will be Ending the Advertising Contest in 3 days on the 9th of January.
So that we can hand out the results and prizes, we would also like to thank everyone for their participation in our competition. ...