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New Stock at the Recycling Center!

Onyx (#1)

"I sure hope you messy people are doing your part to keep Aethria clean! If you need some enticement, I suppose I can part with some trinkets, khim totem stones (don't tell Aryx) and these trifling items I came across in my travels. What? Yes, I travel. There's no biscotti like the biscotti from the Tea Shoppe at the Center of the Universe (but don't tell Onyx I said that)! You'd better hurry up though, because I only have about a six week supply of items. You can find me at the Recycling Center on Khimeros Caldera. Bring lots of trash, because you'll need 5 pieces of each type to get a reward!"

Double Stump, Gnarled Stump (ashen, mossy, oak, snowy, spooky, weathered)


Make sure you cash in your extra growables if you haven't collected all the growables recycling items, because those will be changing out next!

The Official Site Advertising Contest Ending Soon

Tainted1 (#6)

We will be Ending the Advertising Contest in 3 days on the 9th of January.
So that we can hand out the results and prizes, we would also like to thank everyone for their participation in our competition.

Snowbound Pack

Onyx (#1)

If you got the wrong item out of your Snowbound Backdrop Pack, please make sure you send all excess items to Onyx and you will be sent the missing Snowbound Sky. The pack has now been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience!

New Backdrop Packs in the Trinket Shop, New Redeemable Items for the Upcycle Shop!

Onyx (#1)

You can now pick up Snowbound Backdrop Packs in regular, dawn and twilite versions in the Trinket Shop for 25,000 TR each! These packs contain backdrop, sky, and foreground items, each a single layer so they should work fine in deco.


You can also now turn in khitsune and lyridae totem stones, as well as all monthly treasures items, in the Upcycle Shop!

New Quest Items!

Onyx (#1)

The Spooky Night items have retired, and Tai and Kai have some new items for everyone! We hope you will enjoy these new "Snowy Spruces" items in blue, dusk, dawn, and overcast versions!

At the basic level: Snowy Spruces Skies

At the bronze level: Snowy Spruce I

At the silver level: Snowy Spruce II

At the gold level: Snowy Spruces Backdrops


Be sure to pick up any last items from the Recycling Center, as those items are due to change out next!