Aether Customs

A kaze aether

Aethers are the companions that live in the land of Aluriya. You can create custom aethers via the aether custom demo, for which you will need to purchase a breed sprite from the bead shop. If you wish to use firefly potions to add glow effects to your aether, you will need to purchase those from the trinket shop. Be sure you have all needed items on hand in your inventory before clicking the create button.

Regular members can also save up to two designs for later by using one of your "save slots" at the bottom of the custom demo page, upgraded members get five save slots.


Aether Doppels

"Doppels" are exact copies of a custom aether. Members can either purchase an already existing doppel from other users by using the Aether search in the marketplace, or by searching member menageries that have custom doppels that are set up to allow creation of a doppel directly from the aether's page for a fee. You will need a silver doppel charm (trinket shop) and a couple of elemental sprites to create a doppel, which can be found when gathering items from Aluriya. Doppels are fun to collect, and you can also use them to create Aether fusions!

Aether Fusions

Fusions are created by merging two doppel or fusion Aethers to create a new aether. You can get a random combinaton of the "parent" aethers' markings and colors. Currently, fusion markings and colors are very random in nature. We plan to tweak this feature to be a bit more predictable in future.

To create a fusion, head over to this page in the World menu. You will need two Aether doppels/fusions to fuse together, and some silver fusion charms (trinket shop). You will need one fusion charm to fuse two Aethers, plus up to four additional charms for a maximum chance of twins. That means you need FIVE charms in total in order to fuse two aethers and have a maximum chance of twins. Twins allow you to keep one fusion for your menagerie, and sell or fuse the second.