This feature allows you to send your aethers into the swirling vortex to seek treasure! You can send out three aethers per hour, who will scour the murky depths of the vortex to find items to bring back to you. Aethers may search for up to three hours before returning either with an item, or come back empty handed. Combating the swirling vortex winds is very tiring, so your aether will need to rest for 24 hours after returning before they can enter the vortex again.

Items will roughly cycle out roughly every six weeks.

You can find the Swirling Vortex by visiting the Aluriya world map.

August 2018

Sparklestars I - X

October 2018 New Items Aerial Plankton in 12 colors!

Amethyst - Blue - Bronze - Copper - Emerald - Golden - Peridot -

Sapphire - Silver - Teal - Violet - White

December 2018 New Items Aerial Plankton Waves come in 12 stylish colors!


Sapphire,Silver,Teal,Violet and White