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The Land of Aluriya is composed of a large central island, Alewynde, and a series of smaller associated islands. The territory has expanded in recent years with the discovery of a new flock of wandering islands. These were successfully tethered to Alewynde with the aid of magical sprites. The sprites were the servants of the ancient dragons who created Aethria, but are now free creatures who can combine to coalesce into the forms of physical creatures called aethers. Aluriya is inhabited by a combination of elemental sprites, aethers, humans and various humanoid creatures.
On Aluriya, the creatures that seek out human association and companionship are called "aethers". Custom aethers are available to create via the aether custom demo. Custom aethers can produce "doppels" or duplicates, which can be sold to other users or fused with other doppels to create new aethers. For more information, check out the Encyclopedia entry!
You can access the Wildflower Glade, Orchard and Herb Garden via the Aluriya World Map. Click around the map to uncover items. Items are free and will appear in your inventory when you uncover them. You have 10 gathering turns in each area per hour!
Send your aethers through the mystical Swirling Vortex... no one knows where it exits, and the aethers aren't talking, but they may bring back trinkets or items for you if you are lucky!
Bring your gathered items to Nigel at the General Store to earn trinkets! Prices fluctuate due to customer demand, so check back hourly to sell your wares at the best prices!
Explore the outer islands to search for loot!