Jungle Savannah Desert Mystic Garden Aysha
Calligra's landmass was populated by very powerful dragons who were jealous of their realm. They laid an enchantment on the land so that no animal that walked or crawled, no birds that flew, and no creature that swam could survive on the island except for those that they brought there as their servants (humans and humanoid races) or created themselves, using magical quill feathers from their own bodies, and a combination of native flora and minerals, notably dragonstone. In later days, more enlightened generations of dragons gave the humans and humanoids their freedom and gave the magic to create their own populations of Inkborne to mystics known as “Calligris”
Companions on Calligra are called "Inklings". They originate from dragonstone tablets inscribed with magical ink by Calligris mystics. These tablets are buried in the earth and must be infused with magical ink at regular intervals to fuel their growth. Once an Inkling has grown to maturity, the gardener can choose to either bring them to life, or cast them back into higher generation tablets and re-grow them to morph their base and pattern colorations.
You can access the Savannah, Jungle and Desert gathering areas via the Calligra World Map. Click around the map to uncover items. to redeem for unique khims, and more. Click around the map to uncover items. Items are free and will appear in your inventory when you uncover them. You have 10 gathering turns in each area per hour!
Bring the right items to Aysha, the Calligris, and she will craft stone tablets that you can grow in your garden to produce Inklings and items!
Head over to your plot in the Mystic Garden with your stone tablets and you can grow some new Inklings and items! You will need to tend your garden with magical ink a certain number of times before your tablets will convert into companions and useable deco items.