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This Land nestles in the caldera of an extinct volcano that is the highest point on the Khimeros mainland (to check out our sister site, visit Khimeros here). It is the only Land in the realm of Aethria that is not composed of free-floating islands. Inhabitants of Khimeros Caldera generally enjoy a rustic lifestyle, singly and in small enclaves spread across the various environments of forest, meadow, and mountain. The population is a melting pot of cultures from all over Aethria, and beyond that, from throughout the universe via the portal from the Khimeros mainland.
On Khimeros Caldera, the creatures that seek out human association and companionship are called "Khims". Different breeds of Khim are available on a rotating basis. "Collectable" Khims can be obtained by picking up Khim totem stones via foraging, recycling, questing and playing dice. "Unique" Khims are individually colored, with no two exactly alike! Unique Khims can be obtained by collecting Khim totem stones, or purchasing a Khim treat from the Bead Shop, and then visiting the Khim Habitats. Take your collected totem stones to Aryx to exchange them for collectable Khims or Khim Treats!
You can access the Beach, Meadow and Forest foraging grounds via the Khimeros World Map, above. Click around the map to uncover items. These items can be used to complete quests for Kai and Tai, as tokens to redeem for unique khims, as trash to be recycled, and more. Not sure what to pick up and what to leave? It's generally a good idea to keep a selection of at least 6 of each native item in your inventory to use for quests and crafting. Visit the Foraging Guide Encyclopedia entry for more information about specific items that can be picked up.
While you are foraging, you may notice some nasty pieces of trash lying about! Pick up these items and bring them to Arabasti at the Recycling Center. He will take them off your hands and give you trinkets and/or a Khim totem stone in return! If you are lucky, you may even receive a deco item reward!
Each day you can visit Kai and Tai, who need help gathering items for Nigel over at the General Store on Aluriya. They will reward your efforts with trinkets and/or a Khim totem stone! If you prove to be a diligent worker, you can earn trophies that will also entitle you to random item rewards with each quest as you level up!
Looking to trade in some Khim totem stones for a new companion or a Khim treat? Visit Aryx, who oversees the Khims!
Be sure to play the dice game as often as you can (once per hour for regular members, every half hour for upgraded members!). It is a great way to earn trinkets, and you may earn items as well! Upgraded users can activate the "Dice Widget" from your account settings to make it easier to remember to roll those dice.