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NOSTALGIA: Old Aluriya Aether Breeds & Poses


First of all, the best place for newcomers to get information and chat with other site members is the Official Discord Server chat room. You can use this room through the regular Discord app, browser tab, or via the live chatroom on the site.

This guide will give you an idea of the first things you should do on the site to jumpstart your gameplay! To find this guide again, look for it in the Encyclopedia or use the handy bookmark toolbar in the upper right corner to bookmark it!

**We are currently in OPEN BETA and that means there may be glitches and bugs, or incomplete features that affect game play! Be sure to read back at least the last month of news posts so you know what is happening on the site currently, and read the glitches and bugs forum to see the known bugs.


The very first thing you should do is play the dice game. This will give you some trinkets, or if you are lucky, an item. Make sure you go back and play this simple game once an hour (every half hour for upgraded users) for maximum benefit. You can bundle it together with gathering items from Aluriya and Calligra, which are also hourly activities. You can find a link to the dice game at the bottom of the Khimeros Caldera World Map page!

Speaking of gathering, this is the next thing you want to do! Head to World Maps -> Calligra, and visit the Savannah, Jungle, and Desert areas. You have 10 turns to pick up items in each area. Items are free to pick up, but you can't pick and choose what you get. Items are automatically deposited in your inventory. Remember to do this hourly!

The Land of Calligra Map

Once you've gathered items on Calligra, head to World Maps -> Aluriya and visit the Herb Garden, Orchard, and Meadow and use up all your gathering turns. Return hourly!

Now, from the Aluriya World Map, visit The General Store. Here, you want to select all items that you have in inventory that can be sold, and sell them back to the General Store. Usually, you want to check the General Store often and only sell when prices are 100 tr for the max price (prices change hourly), but in the beginning, you should just sell your items for whatever you can get for them to build up your supply of trinkets (site currency).

Nigel, the General Store manager

Once you have some trinkets, hop over to the Khimeros Caldera world map and begin foraging. Check out the Foraging Guide for an explanation of which items you should pick up, and when. It is a good idea to forage until you build up a supply of 5-6 of most of the items from the Meadow, Forest and Beach, though you may have to pause to gather and sell items again. Once you've built up a supply of items, you can start questing with Kai & Tai. They will ask you for foraged items, and return you trinkets and/or special items. You can forage any time, turns are not limited!

Kai & Tai

Be sure to visit Arabasti at the Recycling Center on the Khimeros World Map to turn in your foraged trash items, as he will give you trinkets and/or items as well.

These activities should get you started on the site. Once you build up your supply of gathered items from Calligra, you can visit Aysha to craft some growable tablets and get started with that activity. Check out the growables video tutorial

When you have foraged at least 50 khim totem stones, you can also hop over to Aryx on the Khimeros World Map and begin collecting "Khim" pets!

Don't forget about Aethers! You can use the Aether Search to look for "doppels" or "fusions" for sale. Doppels are copies of members' custom companions, and you can fuse them together to create a new aether! Fusions are the result of fusing two aethers together. Check out the encyclopedia entry for more information.

Once you have a doppel or fusion aether, you can start visiting the Swirling Vortex to hunt for prizes!

There's more to discover on Aethria, so we encourage you to keep looking around!

NOSTALGIA: Old Aluriya Aether Breeds & Poses List of all of the Aether breeds and poses.