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New Quest Items!

Onyx (#1)

The Spooky Night items have retired, and Tai and Kai have some new items for everyone! We hope you will enjoy these new "Snowy Spruces" items in blue, dusk, dawn, and overcast versions!

At the basic level: Snowy Spruces Skies

At the bronze level: Snowy Spruce I

At the silver level: Snowy Spruce II

At the gold level: Snowy Spruces Backdrops


Be sure to pick up any last items from the Recycling Center, as those items are due to change out next!

Enter the Swirling Vortex!

Onyx (#1)

You can send up to 3 aethers per hour, and each aether has a 24-hour rest period that begins after they return, before they can venture out again. They may remain in the vortex for 1-3 hours at a time. Don't worry, your aethers have excellent homing instincts and are perfectly safe in the vortex! They will always return when they are finished hunting.

It's tough to find items in a swirling vortex, but if you are very lucky your aether may return with an item! There are twelve items to collect, and your aethers will have about six weeks to find them all!

Aerial Plankton Waves come in 12 stylish colors!

New Khim - The Lyridae!

Onyx (#1)

New Khims have arrived!

The khitsunes have prowled away to make room for Lyridae! Lyridae come in six collectable colors, and each collectable requires 50 Khim Totem Stones (Lyridae) to craft. You can collect totem stones by foraging, playing the dice game, or recycling trash! When you have enough stones, take them over to Aryx to craft your collectable Lyridae!

Butterfly Dancer, Festival of Lights

Ice Sculpture, Stellar Princess

Summer Sky, Winter Festival

You can also purchase Blossoming Twig Treats for 200 Khim Totem Stones (Lyridae), or for 4 beads from the Bead Shop!

You can use Blossoming Twig Treats to lure a unique Lyridae from the Lyridae Winterscape, in the Khim Habitat Portal! No two unique Lyridae are alike, which one will you get??

Lyridae Khims will be available for approximately six weeks!


Regarding unique Khitsunes - now that we're at the end of the rotation, we'll do a count of remaining Khim Totem Stones (Khitsune) and determine how many uniques need to be made to fill out the pool. When the Khitsune pool is filled, you'll be able to use your caramel apple treats to pick up any last unique Khitsunes. The treats remain available in the beads shop for another 3 days, so pick up any last treats while you can!

NEW - Growable Flora!

Onyx (#1)

We are excited to release a new type of growable - Flora!

Flora Growables can be planted in the Flora Garden section in the Mystik Garden on Calligra!

You can obtain the Blooming Amaryllis (Sunrise) variety by crafting the tablet with Aysha.

The Holiday variety of Amaryllis is available in the Bead Shop.

Note - second gen and above tablets are currently not showing all the correct layers so they will look a little different than the first gen tablets. We are working on getting this issue fixed up. They still work fine, however!

Bead sale ending soon!

Onyx (#1)

Don't forget that we currently have a bead sale on, but it will be ending in two days, so get in any last minute purchases while you can!