Please note there may be more than one news release per day, so please scroll down and make sure that you have read ALL the news! :)

Tablet Mix Up

Onyx (#1)

Sorry about the Hunting Swift/ Corvid Tablet mix up, guys. If you got a hunting swift tablet from Aysha when you should have got a Corvid tablet, please send it to Onyx #1 and you will be sent a Corvid tablet in return. The glitch should be fixed now.

New Inklings! And More Growables News!

Onyx (#1)

After evaluating the current system, we've decided that to keep the Inkling bases fresh, we're going to rotate them on a monthly basis. That means that there will be a different breed rotated in monthly. There will be one tablet available at Aysha's, and a second base available in the bead shop. We'll also continue to release a different base in monthly treasure packs. Previous bases have the ability to rotate back onto the site with new markings at a later date.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce the Corvid!

Stealthy Corvid Tablet (Tribal) is now available to create when you visit Aysha:

Watcher Corvid Tablet (Classic Tabby) is now available from the Bead Shop:

We hope you enjoy growing these new Inklings!

Please pick up any last-minute glyph tablets from the bead shop, as they will be removed in a few days!


In other news, we've decided to open up more ground for you to plant your tablets!! Regular users now have 40 garden slots instead of 15, and upgraded users now have 50 slots intead of 20, woo hoo!!!

We have also increased the drop rate of inkberry juice to accomodate the new garden slots.

Stay Out of the Long Grass!!

Onyx (#1)

The Rampaging Raptaras have arrived!

Custom Rapaging Raptaras are now available to create in the custom demo!

You can pick up a Rampaging Raptara sprite in the beads shop for 10 beads, which will entitle you to create one custom raptara aether.

You can also pick up dyes and firefly potions in the bead shop/trinket shop to spiff up your custom! Remember that at this time, you can only use these in the custom demo, they can't be added to an aether after the fact.

If you don't have the funds to purchase a custom raptara, you can use the aether search to look for raptaras by sale by other users, and make some fusions! Don't forget to check out the Encyclopedia for more information on aethers.

TIP: When using the flames marking in the custom demo, try using an orange-yellow base color, a red outer glow, and a light orange inner glow to get a realistic firey look!

Hooray, Bead Sale!

Onyx (#1)

It's time for a bead sale!! Beads are now 15% off, that's only $4.24 per string, so stock up while you can!

Don't forget that if you are outside the USA, we offer a bead bonus to help offset the exchange rate! When you purchase 20+ beads, you get an extra bead per string purchased. When you buy 50+ beads, you get 2 extra beads per string!

Dice, Dice, Baby!

Onyx (#1)

To play the dice game, go to the Khimeros World Map page and scroll to the bottom to find the link to the dice game. If you are an upgraded user, you can also activate the Dice Widget in account settings! You can move the dice widget to a convenient location on your layout and it will show on every page.

When playing dice you can win trinkets, khim totem stones, and items! For the next six weeks or so, you have the chance to pick up these lovely Winter Garden themed deco items!

Winter Grass I, II, II; Winter Juniper Bushes Blue, Green, Dormant; Snowberry Bushes Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Traditional

Keep your eyes open for a NEW variety of Fantazia tablet to appear in the next couple of days!