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New Stock at the Recycling Center!

Onyx (#1)

"I sure hope you messy people are doing your part to keep Aethria clean! If you need some enticement, I suppose I can part with some trinkets, khim totem stones (don't tell Aryx) and these trifling items I came across in my travels. What? Yes, I travel. There's no biscotti like the biscotti from the Tea Shoppe at the Center of the Universe (but don't tell Onyx I said that)! You'd better hurry up though, because I only have about a six week supply of items. You can find me at the Recycling Center on Khimeros Caldera. Bring lots of trash, because you'll need 5 pieces of each type to get a reward!"

Boulder - cracked, dangerous, galactic portal, glow in the dark, granite, icy, onyx, sandy, slate, umber


Be sure to net those last flutterbyes from the dice game, as Dice items will be changing out in about 4 days!

Item Rotations / Alpha Account Packages / Account Upgrades / Forever Upgrades

Onyx (#1)

As of October 5th, we'll begin our regular item rotations! Items for various activities like quests, dice, trash recycling, growables recycling etc. will rotate out on a roughly 6 week basis, though of course the first rotations will be off a bit ;)

The first items to rotate out will be the fairy rings from trash recycling! So be sure to recycle as much as you can and pick up any last items that you still need!


If you wish to UPGRADE your account the cost is 5 beads monthly and the upgrade can be obtained by creating a help desk ticket when you have the beads on hand. A yearly upgrade costs $50. We'll have a news post soon detailing what you get with an account upgrade.

We've had several people ask if Alpha account packages are still available. Yes they are, until the end of October only. Remember that these exact items included in the packages will NEVER be released again.At this late date however we are NOT offering the choose-your-own ID option anymore that was offered with the early bird alpha packages.

What do you get when purchasing an alpha account package?

BASIC Package: $15 and entitles you to a copper trophy for your profile, a limited edition Ink Tiger Soaring Alpha Tablet, and a Big Sky Backdrop - Twilite.

DELUXE Package: $50 entitles you to a silver trophy for your profile, a limited edition Ink Tiger Soaring Alpha Tablet AND Ink Wildcat Soaring Alpha Tablet plus Big Sky Backdrop - Twilite and Big Sky Backdrop - Dawn.

DELUXE+ Package: $100 entitles you to a FOREVER UPGRADE, a silver trophy for your profile, a limited edition Ink Tiger Soaring Alpha Tablet, Ink Wildcat Soaring Alpha Tablet, AND Ink Owl Soaring Alpha Tablet plus Big Sky Backdrop - Twilite, Big Sky Backdrop - Dawn, AND Big Sky Backdrop - Summer.

FOREVER UPGRADE: $65 for a limited time ONLY and will upgrade your account for as long as the site exists!

To purchase an account package OR a Forever Upgrade, purchase the amount of beads necessary to cover the cost of the purchase and have them on hand, then make a help desk report to claim your purchase. Staff will remove the beads from your account, send you outside-US bonus beads where applicable, and process your purchase.

Currently we do not have an item associated with forever upgrades, it is hand-applied to your account. If you wish to purchase an extra to sell later, you can do so and we will put a note on your account.

Upcycle Shop and Manage Inkling Pen!

Onyx (#1)

Opened too many of those treasure packs in hopes of getting a Playful Swift tablet? Never fear, you can always turn your spares into new treasure at the Upcycle Shop!

Items in the Upcycle Shop will remain for at least a few months and we'll continue to add new items as well as adding new items that can be turned in for points where appropriate. Currently you can turn in monthly treasure items for 150 points and khim totem stones for 1 point.

Our first items are the Radiance Forest Backdrop (2 layers) and the Elegant Faro growable tablets in spotted and masked versions!

Radiance Forest Backdrop - Evening, Frosty, Golden, Morning

Elegant Faro Tablets - Masked, Spotted


In other news, you can now find the link to manage your Inkling Pen at the top of the Inkling Pen page!

First Monthly Treasures! And Inklings now work in deco!

Onyx (#1)

October 2018 Monthly Treasure News

It's monthly treasure time again! Open a pack and receive a random item from the (month/year) treasure collection!

Monthly treasure packs are available in the Beads Shop - singles cost 3 beads or get a double pack for 5 beads!

Autumn Forest Backdrop - Brilliant, Golden

Autumn Wind - Brilliant, Somber

Dead Tree, Dormant Tree

If you are very lucky, you may receive one of these limited edition Playful Swift growable tablets!!

Playful Swift - Classic Tabby, King Cheetah

Classic Tabby Playful Swift

King Cheetah Playful Swift


Inklings can now be used in deco! You must first send your inklings to the equipment chest by clicking on the item in your inventory. If you need to reomove an inkling from the inkling gallery, go to this page

Exciting News - Beta "Deco" System

Onyx (#1)

Our beta deco system is now available! That means you can use all the deco items you've been collecting to deco your aethers!

The system currently works with aethers only, but you should be able to add khims and inklings to aether deco soon!

In order to deco an aether, you'll have to first send your deco items - foregrounds, backdrops, skies, inkberry bushes, flutterbyes etc - to your equipment chest. You can do this by clicking on the item in your inventory and then click send to .eqp chest.

Each item you put in your chest can be used once on each aether. That means if you want to put 3 black inkberry bushes in a deco, you need to add 3 black inkberry bushes into your equipment chest. You will then be able to use up to 3 bushes on each deco.

You currently CANNOT sell deco'd aethers - you will have to remove all deco items before you are able to put an aether up for sale!

For those who may be used to different systems on other sites, be aware that all deco items remain in your deco chest. They do not leave the chest and become physically equipped to an aether. Therefore if you put a backdrop into your chest, and use it on an aether, it will remain in the chest to be used again another time.

For more information on how the deco system works, we've put together a youtube video!