Please note there may be more than one news release per day, so please scroll down and make sure that you have read ALL the news! :)

New Inkling - The Fantazia!

Onyx (#1)

A new Inkling has arrived! Regal Fantazia Tablet (Tiger) is now available to craft with Aysha!

To craft this tablet, check the recipe on Aysha's page for the ingredients you will need to gather, including three new colors of dragon quills:

Red, blue, and yellow dragon quills have been retired from gathering for the moment!

We are trying out a new rotation with growables, with a new Inkling of some kind appearing roughly once a week, including craftable and cash shop varieties.

Regarding gathered items on Calligra - don't worry about the items that currently have no use. Remember that we are still early in beta, and these items will have a use in time!


The end of the month is drawing near, so be sure to purchase any last October 2018 Monthly Treasures before they are gone!

New Quest Items!

Onyx (#1)

The Alpine Forest items have retired, and Tai and Kai have some new items for everyone! We hope you will enjoy these new "Spooky Night" items in regular, sinister, toxic and blue versions!

At the basic level: Spooky Night Fog

At the bronze level: Spooky Night Tor

At the silver level: Spooky Night Foreground

At the gold level: Spooky Night Backdrop


Be sure to craft any last-minute Hunting Swift tablets with Aysha - a NEW breed of Growable will appear in about 4 days!

Don't forget the Advertising Contest!

Onyx (#1)

Don't forget that we have an advertising contest running with some really great prizes! Check out the forum thread if you have not seen it already!

New Khim - The Khitsune!

Onyx (#1)

New Khims have arrived!

The lambkins have frolicked away to make room for Khitsunes! Khitsunes come in six collectable colors, and each collectable requires 50 Khim Totem Stones (Khitsune) to craft. You can collect totem stones by foraging, playing the dice game, or recycling trash! When you have enough stones, take them over to Aryx to craft your collectable Khitsune!

Tide Lord, Bloodborne

Spring Keeper, Ink Demon

Celestial Warrior, Smoke Eater

You can also purchase Caramel Apple Treats for 200 Khim Totem Stones (Khitsune)!

You can use caramel apple treats to lure a unique Khitsune from the Khitsune Haunt, in the Khim Habitat Portal! No two unique khitsunes are alike, which one will you get??

Khitsune Khims will be available for approximately six weeks!


Regarding unique lambkins - now that we're at the end of the rotation, the collectable lambkins will remain with Aryx for another three days, then they will be retired. Once retired, we'll do a count of remaining Khim Totem Stones (Lambkin) and determine how many uniques need to be made to fill out the pool. When the lambkin pool is filled, you'll be able to use your lambsydivy treats to pick up any last unique lambkins.


Be sure to complete your quests for the last chance at the Alpine environment items, as new Kai & Tai quest items will appear in a few days!

New DICE Items!

Onyx (#1)

To play the dice game, go to the Khimeros World Map page and scroll to the bottom to find the link to the dice game. If you are an upgraded user, you can also activate the Dice Widget in account settings! You can move the dice widget to a convenient location on your layout and it will show on every page.

When playing dice you can win trinkets, khim totem stones, and items! For the next six weeks or so, you have the chance to pick up these lovely Feather Ornament deco items!

Feather Ornament - Emerald, Golden, Jay, Owl, Red, Russet, Slate, Teal, Violet, White

Note: These items have six layers - three feather layers at different angles and the shadow layers that go wtih them. You can choose to use all layers together, or if you only want to use one angle, you can hide the remaining layers below the backdrop. Currently, because of the issues with the deco system, you can only properly use the current layer as shown in the deco above if you want to resize the item, as it is not resizing correctly for all layers. We hope to resolve this issue soon!

Be sure to snap up any last lambkins, as a new Khim breed will be cycling in around mid-month!