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New Growables Recycling Items!

Onyx (#1)

Have a pile of extra tablets and grown inklings that you have no use for? Head over to Growables Recycling to hand in your items for something new!

This time, we have a lovely selection of Winter Garden items for you!

Enter the Swirling Vortex!

Onyx (#1)

You can send up to 3 aethers per hour, and each aether has a 24-hour rest period that begins after they return, before they can venture out again. They may remain in the vortex for 1-3 hours at a time. Don't worry, your aethers have excellent homing instincts and are perfectly safe in the vortex! They will always return when they are finished hunting.

It's tough to find items in a swirling vortex, but if you are very lucky your aether may return with an item! There are twelve items to collect, and your aethers will have about six weeks to find them all!

Aerial Plankton comes in 12 stylish colors!

November 2018 Monthly Treasures!

Onyx (#1)

It's monthly treasure time again! Open a pack and receive a random item from the November 2018 treasure collection!

Monthly treasure packs are available in the Beads Shop - singles cost 3 beads or get a double pack for 5 beads!

Harvest Field Backdrop, Harvest Field Backdrop - Frosty

Regal Oak - Barren, Golden

Colorful Nest, Grassy Nest

If you are very lucky, you may receive one of these limited edition Impling growable tablets!!

Stalking Impling (Ink Raptor), Stalking Impling (Clouded)


Don't forget, if you end up having extra monthly treasures, you can hand them in at the Upcycle Shop for cool prizes!


Onyx (#1)

For the next week you can find doombunnies lurking in the khimeros foraging areas!

**Please note, due to the current server issues we're working through, doombunny deco images are NOT uploaded yet. They will be uploaded as soon as possible!**

New Inkling - The Fantazia!

Onyx (#1)

A new Inkling has arrived! Regal Fantazia Tablet (Tiger) is now available to craft with Aysha!

To craft this tablet, check the recipe on Aysha's page for the ingredients you will need to gather, including three new colors of dragon quills:

Red, blue, and yellow dragon quills have been retired from gathering for the moment!

We are trying out a new rotation with growables, with a new Inkling of some kind appearing roughly once a week, including craftable and cash shop varieties.

Regarding gathered items on Calligra - don't worry about the items that currently have no use. Remember that we are still early in beta, and these items will have a use in time!


The end of the month is drawing near, so be sure to purchase any last October 2018 Monthly Treasures before they are gone!