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New Encyclopedia Entry

Onyx (#1)

We've just added a new encyclopedia entry on Aether customs, doppels and fusions. Please read it over and let us know in the comments if you think there's anything we should add!

Time to Promote Aethria!

Onyx (#1)

We have an ADVERTISING CONTEST going on with some fabulous prizes! You can find the details on this forum post.

Be sure to read carefully and abide by the rules to make your points count!

Don't forget there is a list of threads on other sites like wajas, dappervolk and flight rising where you can earn points by posting!

The Swirling Vortex!

Onyx (#1)

You can now send your aethers through the Swirling Vortex!

You can send up to 3 aethers per hour, and each aether has a 24-hour rest period that begins after they return, before they can venture out again. They may remain in the vortex for 1-3 hours at a time. Don't worry, your aethers have excellent homing instincts and are perfectly safe in the vortex! They will always return when they are finished hunting.

It's tough to find items in a swirling vortex, but if you are very lucky your aether may return with an item! There are ten items to collect, and your aethers will have about six weeks to find them all!

Sparklestars: I - X

Growables Recycling!

Onyx (#1)

You can now recycle your unwanted inkling tablets and grown inklings!

Be VERY careful that you do not recycle tablets or grown inklings that you want to keep!! If you recycle them, there is NO way to get them back! We suggest you put your keepers in safe deposit, a gallery or in the tablet pouch for now so you don't lose them by accident.

You can visit the link under "world" in the main navigation bar.

Use the drop-down boxes to select a total of 10 items to turn in. Be sure to select the correct item count! You can turn in any mix of tablets and/or grown inklings.

When turning in growables you can get trinkets, or if you are lucky, an item!

For this item rotation we have some lovely Inkberry Bush deco items! There are 10 in total to collect!

New Markings and Dyes!

Onyx (#1)

Some new markings and dyes have been added for aethers! You will find them in the custom demo.

"Aurora", "Flames", and "Smoke" are regular marking and can be selected as usual from the markings drop-down.

"Glitter", "Galactic". "Glitter Star" and "Starfield" are new dyes, which are markings that are moveable and resizeable! You can select these from the markngs drop-down, but you will need to pick up a bottle of dye from the cash shop to use these markings!